Erasmus+ PROJECT

We want to raise students’ awareness on the importance of respecting their environment, their own health and that of others by asking them the following four questions:

“How do you feel, how do you eat, how active are you, how do you behave?”
During the project, we hope to see positive progress in the responses given and thus improve our students’ well-being step-by-step, because despite our differences, we complement each other.
Our ambition is to pool our assets, practices and know-how and to help each other to overcome any hurdles by drawing on our mutual resources and objectives.

Each school has its own distinct competence not found in partner schools. Each country has different priorities: well-being and concentration in France, the respect of nature and everyday environmentally friendly behaviours in Germany, diet and physical activity in Spain and sporting activities in Austria.

Partner schools:

  1. College Paul-Emile-Victor, Lyon, France
  2. IES EGUZKITZA BHI, Irun, Spain
  3. Waldschule Eschweiler, Eschweiler, Germany


Schoolyears 2019/20 & 2020/21